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T. Hurt Construction Remodeling Tips

Located in Omaha, serving Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion and surrounding areas.

So you Want to Start a Remodel Project

Congratulations on your decision to remodel your home! Get ready to enjoy many years of quality craftsmanship while adding value to your home. That being said, we also recognize that this is a big decision and many people are unsure of where to go next.

Things to consider when picking a remodeling contractor:

Your first, and probably most important step is to find the right contractor to do your work. We suggest that you interview several prospective contractors and determine which has the technical knowledge and capability to deliver your project. Then you should evaluate the stability of their business, and their commitment to customer satisfaction. This will allow you to get the most from your investment and maximize your satisfaction.

To help you through this evaluation project, we have included a set of questions that you should ask each potential contractor. These questions should provide you good insight into how they think and perform.

How many years has the Contractor been in business under the present name and present owner?

A long business history is important to establish credibility.

Has the Contractor, partners, owners, or officers ever gone out-of-business or declared bankruptcy?

A credible professional will have a stable business history.

Does the Contractor have a list of references?

Past clients are one of the best sources of information on a contractor. Ask for them from the contractor, and also contact the Better Business Bureau, NARI, and the Omaha Chamber of Commerce. A company with a strong history of craftsmanship and integrity will have a good reference.

What is the phone number of the Contractor's bank?

Complete a reference check with a bank officer. Good credit is essential to protecting your investment.

Does the Contractor have a good standing with his vendors?

Check with the Contractor's material providers to make sure they are in good standing.

Which insurance company represents the Contractor for general liability and worker’s compensation?

Always request a certificate of insurance from the Contractor.

Does the Contractor carry Worker's Compensation Insurance on all employees?

If someone is injured while remodeling your home and is not covered by Worker's Compensation Insurance, you could end up paying the medical bills.

Does the Contractor belong to any trade or business organizations?

Membership in professional organizations (such as NARI) demonstrates an interest and commitment to the industry and the community.

How does the Contractor utilize subcontractors?

The use of subcontractors is normal for many phases of your construction project. This ensures that highly skilled professionals are delivering a good final product for you. However, you should make sure the Contractor has a good working relationship with his subcontractors and that they are insured. Determine how many subcontractors will be used and who they are.

We at T. Hurt Construction value our customers, and our projects speak for themselves through quality and longevity at an affordable price. T. Hurt recognizes that you are about to make a big decision, and the first step is to select the right contractor. Answers to these questions should provide you with good understanding of a contractor’s ability to provide you with the best end product.